The United States of America has long been recognized as a land of opportunity. People adopt America as their home, based on factors such as life expectancy, education, business opportunities, standard of health care and income. 
A qualified migrant is granted a permanent residence visa. A permanent residence visa provides you with a wide range of benefits including the opportunity to live and work permanently, subsidized education and to purchase land. Permanent resident status will further help a person to qualify for citizenship. 

Under the immigration selection criteria, an incorrect or incomplete permanent residence application will often result in refusal of, or significant delays in, visa issuance. Therefore, allow our experienced staff to take care of your application and to obtain your immigration status.
The professional services that our office provides include :
ASSESSMENT : Initial assessment to determine eligibility.

PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA PROCESSING : Complete processing of your case by experienced personel with multiple screening procedures to ensure quality submission.
QUALIFICATION ENDORSEMENT : Certification of your qualification with the appropriate authorities.
SETTLEMENT SERVICES : We provide post landing services to our clients upon request.