St. Christopher & Nevis (St. Kitts) has established a citizenship-by-investment program, whereby citizenship may be obtained by either making a contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund or by purchasing qualified real estate. Holding St. Kitts citizenship allows for personal security and significant travel benefits. Indeed, holding a St. Kitts passport allows the bearer to travel to over 120 countries without a visa, including such places as Canada, the UK, Scandinavian and all Schengen countries.
A qualified applicant is granted St. Kitts citizenship for life and a passport. Citizenship may also be passed to decendents. The processing time to obtain citizenship and passport is approximately four months. Typically, we can arrange citizenship without an interview. However, St. Kitts conducts a thorough due diligence on each applicant. There is no income tax payable by a citizen of St. Kitts whether or not the person is residing in St. Kitts. The passport has a ten year validity and is easily renewable for a small administrative fee.
Under the immigration selection criteria, an incorrect or incomplete application will often result in refusal of, or significant delays in, the issuance of citizenship. Therefore, allow our experienced staff to take care of your application and to obtain your citizenship status
The professional services that our office provides include :
ASSESSMENT : Initial assessment to determine eligibility.
CITIZENSHIP AND PASSPORT APPLICATION PROCESSING : Complete processing of your case by experienced personel with multiple screening procedures to ensure quality submission.
QUALIFICATION ENDORSEMENT : Certification of your qualifications with the authorities.
SETTLEMENT SERVICES : We provide post landing services to our clients upon request.
CORPORATE SERVICES : Provide assistance concerning investments or business affairs.